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There are those who are so bitter and resentful at Being itself that they intentionally hurt the most vulnerable members of society.  Active shooters are trying to cause as much harm as they can in a very short time.

Train to survive and help others to survive when confronted with the murderous insanity of those who are out to cause terror and mayhem through violent behavior.

Learn how to do life saving interventions such as tourniquet placement, wound packing, airway management, and respiratory system support - all in a dangerous, tactical environment.

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Police officers, Paramedics/EMTs, Hazmat technicians, and all other first responders should be oriented towards controlling the tactical environment and treating immediate life-threatening injuries.  Let us teach you and your team the skills they need to get as many people home as possible.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care is a tried, tested, and proven system. It provides the framework we need to ensure that the threat is neutralized, those that are already injured​ receive effective medical treatment, and more people are kept from getting injured.

Any first responder, security force, or concerned citizen can amplify their readiness for the worst kinds of scenarios by taking our TECC/TCCC course.

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If you need to train your personnel, outfit your facilities, or build emergency action plans then trust Gray Man Training.  We have the tools, equipment, and expertise to aid in safeguarding your staff, clients, congregation members, or students.

We can provide consultation on how and where emergency medical equipment should be placed and what type of trauma medical equipment is required to provide effective care.

We can also provide consultation on the structure of emergency response procedures, the training of response teams, and the integration of those teams with law enforcement and first responders.

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